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Disadvantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner


There are a few actual and perceived disadvantages to consider when hiring a wedding planner. These include:


It costs money to hire a wedding planner. Some of that cost can be alleviated by 10 to 20 percent in deals the planner acquires through choosing specific vendors. It is important to note that most couples who plan their own wedding tend to go over budget. Money can thus be saved with a wedding planner who knows how to stay within a budget.


Wedding planners may not be certified or have sufficient experience but be able to run a business nonetheless.


When a client knows exactly what is wanted for the wedding, it is important that this is communicated effectively and understood completely with the wedding planner. A breakdown in communication can cause different results than expected.


Some people worry that a wedding planner will take over the decision-making for the wedding. Although this is true to a point as a necessity for the job, the ultimate choices and decisions still remain with the client.

Trouble relinquishing control.

A person who has trouble giving control to another or feels the need to do everything alone may have difficulty when hiring a wedding planner. The whole point is to allow someone else to do the work. If a client is unable to do that, it is best not to hire a wedding planner.

When to Choose a Planner

A wedding planner should be hired for many reasons including:
For large weddings
When clients lead busy lifestyles
When clients are unsure what to do
To remain within a budget
When finances allow

A wedding is a special time. Delegating most of the work to a wedding planner has more benefits than disadvantages. It is not necessary to consult a wedding planner if the wedding will be very small and informal, or if the client has the reliable help of family and friends who are knowledgeable in the necessary areas to design and organize a wedding.

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How to Choose a Wedding Planner

If choosing a wedding planner is the best choice for a wedding, clients need to do the following:
Choose a certified planner
Check a planner’s references
Review a wedding planner’s portfoliio
Discuss a list of vendors used
Have a good rapport and like the personality of the planner
Receive a detailed quote, whether available as a package deal or customized quote
Sign a contract containing all of the specific of the wedding development process

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting search traffic from natural, organic, free, and editorial search results on the search engines. Payment is not involved in the same way as paid advertisement on search words. When searching for a word or a sentence on Google, Yahoo or Bing the web pages get listed, the first one, to three websites listed are usually the websites that pays for advertizing, under that is the natural listed websites. These are the websites people are most likely to look at. All search results where local listing, videos and web pages get listed, gets ranked according to what the search engine finds most accurate to the user.


SEO is all about creating visibility for websites and web pages. When a website is ranked high on a search result page, like between the top five on the first page of Google, and the more frequently the site shows up on different, but similar search terms, the more visitors the site will get. There are different targeting techniques, an SEO expert will target many kinds of searches, like academic search, news search, image search, local search, video search and search engines that are industry specific.

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A person working with SEO need to be on top of things, he needs to know how search engines works, what are the things people search for and what search engine do they use, and what is the actual wording they use when they are searching. The website that is being ranked might need changes, it is important that it is up to standard, so content might need changing, the HTML and similar types of coding might need to be more specifically relate to targeted keywords so any types of barrier might be reduced. A smart thing to do when wanting to rank a website is to promote the site by connecting it to more backlinks.


SEO is a relatively new profession; it began in the mid 1990s, when webmasters and content writers started optimizing websites for search engines. Then it was a much easier progress than what it is to day. All they had to do was to submit a web address or a URL to various engines which would result in a spider, crawling the page. Then they could extract the links to other web pages, so they could return the information they found on the page to get it indexed.

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Relationship Between Mother and Bride

The emotions felt at weddings are different for men and woman. It is an especially emotional experience for the woman, and maybe most of all for the mother and daughter. Looking for a wedding gown is special moment between mother and daughter as it is a moment of transition. The wedding dress signifies a separation from the old life that has been and the new life that is yet to come. Many brides to be goes through a series of emotions and thoughts, thinking about all their special moments starting with their childhood and leads up to the moment they are experiencing right now, wondering how it all came to be.


As many young women are very close to their parents, and especially the mother, the family plays a big part of the wedding planning. There is daily communication between mother and daughter either face to face or over the phone. This can lead to challenging dynamics between mother and daughter as many mothers want to hold on to their daughters, and maybe they want to hold on to their own youth. Some mothers are so into being their daughters best friend that they dress way younger then what is appropriate for their age, desperately trying to hold on to her youth and to be associated as her daughters best friend, wanting people to think their sisters. And other mothers want to be such a big part of planning the wedding because they just want to plan the wedding they never had. With the decorations, the wedding dress, the photographer and the live music band. Most brides do want their mother to be part of the planning and decision making, as long as she doesn’t go over board. Sometimes a daughter sees her mother opinions and advice outdated.

As most families today don’t have more than three children, unlike in the old times where numbers of children were much higher. Today families are small, which means that the mother have the opportunity to give much more time to focus all her attention on her soon to be married daughter, it also mean that many brides to be gets spoiled and over indulged. Some brides goes through 12 to 15 different wedding dress stores just to find the perfect wedding dress, and the mother of the bride is happy to come along.

Watching a son or a daughter get married is emotional for parents. An American research showed that most parents don’t think that adulthood starts until the age of 26, the reason for this must be that most parents have no clue of when and how they should disengage from their children. But the interesting thing is that while the youth take their own good time growing up reaching adulthood, they are at the same time leaving their childhood more rapidly then ever before. Childhood is over by the age of 11 most parents believe. That means that young woman and young men spend 14 years in limbo.

There is no question about how difficult it is for parents to let go of their young men and young woman to set off on their own journey in life and watch them get married, but that as well as so many other things is just another thing called part of life.

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Symbols Behind Wedding Bands

ring 23

The stories and symbolism behind wedding bands are numerous. Wedding bands are in the western cultures traditionally worn on the ring finger which is the fourth finger on the left hand. People spend anything from a couple of thousands to millions of dollars for this sentiment of love. The wedding band is just as important to the bride as their wedding gown. Though the tradition has been around for centuries no one can really say where the tradition originated from.

It could be so, as some believe, that the first time wedding rings were exchanged where in the ancient Egypt for more than 4800 years ago. It is well known that the Egyptians wore twisted and braided papyrus rings in those days. The circle have represented eternity for a very long time, it has no beginning and no end, by many cultures not only by the Egyptians. Even the space inside the circle had a meaning. The hole symbolized an entrance to the known and the unknown. When a man gave a woman a ring it symbolized that their love would be never ending and eternal.

proposal ring

The rings and wedding accessories started out as being made of papyrus changed to be made of stronger and more lasting materials like bone and ivory, even leather. The value of the ring was a way of showing off the givers wealth, but more importantly it represented the love the giver had for the receiver.

The Romans soon followed the trend, not to offer a symbol of love, but a symbol of ownership. When a man gave a woman a ring it was to show the world that she was taken and belonged to someone. The rings were made of iron, and sometimes even had engravings on them.

The Christians didn’t follow the trend before the 860, where they started to use the ring in marriage ceremonies. Often the rings would be highly decorated with symbols and patterns, but was then changed in the 13th century to a much more plain band more similar to what is popular today, as it was frowned upon as being “heathenish” by the head of the church.

The diamond was introduced to the wedding ring in the 1400s when King Maximilian the 1st of Gerany proposed to Mary of Burgundy, as he offered her a diamond to seal his vow.

ring band 1

Though the wedding ring have been worn on different fingers over the time including the thumb on both hands, it eventually settled on the tradition of the fourth left finger, as it was a Roman belief that there was a vein the “Vena Amoris”, “Vein of Love” in that finger that was directly connected to the heart. Though scientists have proven this to be wrong it is still a popular myth today.

band 2

A more realistic theory of why married couples were the rings on the left fourth finger, and less romantic, could be the simple fact that precious metal would be less worn on that finger and hand, as it is much less exposed then the right hand.

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